How to Apply for Michigan Section 8

Michigan Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program provides rental assistance to income eligible families and individuals living in the state of Michigan. The program is funded by the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Michigan State Housing Development authority (MSHDA) administers the federal aid to ensure that low income people in the state of Michigan receive timely help.

Michigan Section 8 participants can choose any housing unit that meets housing quality standards set by HUD. You can also continue to stay in your present house if it meets HUD’s quality standards. Whether you choose an apartment or a single-family unit, it must have a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Depending on the size of family, the sleeping/living space requirements will increase. You can view details of HUD’s housing quality standard here ( A MSHDA representative will inspect your housing to see if it meets quality standards set by HUD. You can also use HUD’s broacher to find a good place to live ( You can also use this map (,4641,7-141-5555_5626-299074--,00.html) to find a quality housing unit at low rent away from the concentrated areas.

Once a housing unit meets HUD’s quality standards, housing choice voucher beneficiary will be able to sign a contract with the landlord. MSHDA will also sign a contract with the landlord to provide rental subsidy for the tenant. The payment will go directly to the landlord. Tenant may have to pay up to 40% of his/her household income in addition to Section 8 assistance to pay the full rent. Tenants are required to pay rent in time to continue receiving Section 8 assistance. If you delay rent payment, the landlord will have the right to access a late charge.

To continue receiving Section 8 assistance, you should act like a responsible tenant. You should not delay rent and utility payments. You should follow all the rules that are set in the lease agreement with the landlord. Landlord will have the right to file for eviction if you don’t comply with HUD’s rules or rules agreed to in lease agreement.

MSHDA representative will re-inspect your housing unit every year to ensure that it still complies with HUD’s housing standards. You should allow such inspections once the notice has been served before the inspection. If you’re planning to move to some other place, you should notify MSHDA and your landlord 30 days before the terminating the agreement.

You can apply for other public or assisted housing programs along with Michigan Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher. Due to long waiting lists for housing programs in Michigan, applicants are encouraged to apply for as many waiting lists as many they qualify.

Who can Qualify for Section 8?

To receive Michigan Section 8 (Housing Choice Voucher) assistance, applicants will need to meet the following requirements.

Citizenship: Michigan Section 8 rental assistance is only available to citizens of U.S and legal aliens. You will need to provide citizenship documents when applying for Section 8.

Family status: Your household should meet definition of a family as defined by the program. Those failing to meet this definition will not be eligible to receive Housing Choice Voucher under Section 8.

Income eligibility: Your household income should be within income limits as determined by HUD to receive Section 8 assistance. You can see details here (

Criminal background check: All members of the household should pass a criminal background check to be eligible for Michigan Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program.

How to Apply

To apply for Michigan Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program, you need to contact MSHDA. You can also apply online through online pre-screening ( You can call at (517) 241 8986 any time to get assistance with the application process.

Once you’ve successfully complete pre-screening application, you will receive a confirmation number. You can check your application status for the waiting list at any time after 15 days of making the application through online pre-screening tool using this link (

To get more information about the program or to get assistance with application process, you can contact a housing agent in your county through this link (,4641,7-141-5555-270527--,00.html).